Want an Instant Kitchen Makeover? Here are a Few Tips!

When we think about the important areas in our home, kitchen comes instantly to our mind. A highly functional and hygienic kitchen improves your wellbeing, even if you don’t realize that! Kitchen is one of the places that is used every now and then. So, with the constant usage comes wear and tear. Even after maintaining your kitchen properly, you might need to consider remodelling it from time to time.

Remodelling the kitchen improves its functionality. It also improves the look of the kitchen and helps in increasing the overall value of your house. You can find loads of inspiration on the internet when it comes to remodelling or constructing your kitchen. However, for the best results it is always better to take expert advice on kitchen design in London. Kitchen Connections is one of the eminent kitchen manufacturers and suppliers in London. They have a solid experience of 25 years in this field. Their aim is to listen carefully to your ideas and then mould it to provide you with the best possible outcome.

Tips for instant kitchen makeover

Changing the look of the kitchen does not necessarily mean that you have to demolish the existing one and reconstruct it from the scratch. This process might even cost you some heavy bucks. When it comes to kitchen refurbishment, if you want something quick and well under budget, you can go for some instant makeovers. These makeovers will be equally effective in making your kitchen look brand new and in improving its functionality as well. Here are a few tips for instant kitchen makeover:

  • Feature lights: It is very important that your kitchen receives a good amount of light. Natural light will serve the purpose during the day, but what when evening sets in? You need to plan about making your kitchen well illuminated at night time as well. No one can deny the power of beautiful feature lights. They come in various colours, shapes and sizes. A single feature light can change the look of the entire kitchen instantly. However, you need to be very careful while choosing feature lights. Choosing the wrong light would mean getting it ruined by oil and smoke in a few days’ time. So it is always better to go for a simple geometric design LED light.
  • Add greens: A touch of green can magically make everything better. What can be better that the aroma of herbs lingering in your kitchen all the time?! Not only will be it aesthetically pleasing, but will also upgrade the look of your kitchen instantly. Plants add warmth and liveliness to any corner. You can easily make a container garden of herbs; or if there is a window, you can place seasonal plants in colourful pots near it. If there is a space constraint, you can still make this work by mounting a quirky shelf on the wall and then placing pots on it.
  • Sitting area: Creating a restaurant style kitchen is very much in trend nowadays. If space is available, you can extend the counter top and add a few chairs (or bar stools to adapt to the counter top height!) to create a sitting arrangement. This will make your kitchen look stylish and up-to-date with the trend. In this way one can literally have food served right off the pan. Also, it creates the scope for your family and friends to linger while you cook your magic.
  • Paint: Repainting your kitchen will render it a fresh and new look in a jiffy. Be it cabinets or walls, you can paint them to add some extra colour to your kitchen. It also opens up opportunity for being a little bit creative and adding some personal touch to your kitchen. You can choose a theme and pick up colours accordingly.

These are a few tips for making your kitchen look new instantly. You can also install built-in-appliances, upgrade the sink, and go with a new flooring and worktop for an instant makeover. The choices are endless. It all depends on your plans and how much moolah you would spend.