Phoenix Security – Trends In Home Robbery

Residential burglary and home invasion are two of the top types of property crimes committed in the nation. Understanding and keeping oneself apprised of trends in these crimes is a must if you want to secure your home. Phoenix security officials state that while having a home security system is the number one way to deter crime, being aware of residential crime trends is also a great way to burglar-proof your home.

Most Commonly Stolen Items
• Jewelry
• Cash
• Weapons
• Laptops

These are four of the most commonly stolen items. Adelaide security companies professionals point out that one thing that these items have in common is that they are small in size. This means that they are very easy to carry and transport. Trying to get away with large, bulky items is difficult. Typically thieves who do this are new to the crime. Laptops are one of the most stolen electronics today. Along with laptops, items like cameras and game systems are also targets because of their relatively small size and high value.

Common Places Where Burglars Find Hidden Valuables
Burglars are not afraid of your underwear. They will and do look in dresser drawers. The bedroom and living room are two rooms that burglars hit every time. Bedrooms are where they can typically find jewelry and cash. Many burglars also look under the mattress or in bedside drawer chests to find hand guns. In living rooms items like expensive electronics are often left out in the open. With small electronics it is a good idea to keep them away when they are not in use. People should think creatively about where they hide items.

They also point out that children’s rooms tend to go unchecked by burglars.

Length of Burglaries
Burglars like to get in and get out quick. Most robberies actually happen during the day when most people are away from the home. On average, burglars spend between 5 to 10 minutes in a home at the most. It is important to have an alarm system because it will scare burglars out of the home, which will significantly decrease the amount of time they get to spend inside of it. This means that they will get away with a lot less, if they get away with anything at all.

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