Different ways you can use the glorious piece of furniture known as daybeds!

You could compare daybeds to that always-pushed-around nerdy kid in school, who you brushed off relentlessly, but who grew up to invent some awesome app that we use each and every day (and it made her/him a millionaire too!)! And then you end up asking yourself, “Why didn’t I pay attention before?” Well, that’s precisely what the underlying story of a daybed is. As a child, it may have been just a cross between a sofa and a bed that you never took seriously. But, now as an adult, we are sure you realize how chic and useful it actually is; and the amount of unpaid credit — which it deserves — but never got. And if you don’t, well by the end of this article you surely will!

Needless to say, the daybed is a super smart solution to small space living. It’s a sofa as well as a bed, and you can style it with colourful cushions, covers, and throws when you aren’t sleeping on it. You can use it as a place to chill, and it’s also downright comfy to cuddle up on. So, it’s time to bring home this awesome, all-rounder piece of furniture along with pretty daybed cushion covers. Resort Style Bean Bags is your one stop destination for all such customized cushion cover needs. They offer a wide range of designs, fabrics etc., and will provide you with the covers of your desired shape and size.

Best ways to incorporate daybeds at your home

You can very well witness that day beds are popping up all over interior design blogs and magazines. They are as popular and in trend as once large bean bags were. They are a super practical piece of furniture that you can literally place anywhere at home. Basically, there are innumerable ways to use this piece in any room of the house. It could even work as a secret nap spot, what say?

  • Room Divider: If your home showcases an open living or dining space, daybeds are the perfect dividers. They will help to divide these two spaces without making it too obvious. As daybeds don’t have a back like sofas do, they don’t block the view of either space. Also, you will love to enjoy this facility of sitting facing the dining or living room. Yes, you can watch the TV as well as talk to the person who is dining on the table at the same time. So, it’s a win-win for convenience and entertainment.
  • Nursery Nap: Are you on the lookout for the perfect nursery nap zone where both parents and kids can lounge in comfort? Well, your search ends right here. Daybeds are the perfect addition to a nursery. They provide a cute and comfy place to read, nap, or snuggle up with your bundle of joy. And what’s even better? When nursery days are over, you could easily move this versatile piece to any other room in/out of the house.
  • Window seat: This is one of our personal favourites, and we are sure it will become yours too. Who on earth doesn’t like a comfy, cute window seat? Well, you need not spend a fortune on a custom built-in setup. You can just use a daybed to get you the look and feel of one. A daybed when placed in front of a low window will give you a wide, open view of the world outside. And it is the perfect place to sip on coffee or read a book.
  • Patio Comfort: Yes, you could place your daybed not just inside, but outside your home too. Placing it on the patio or porch will make for a really nice, relaxing zone, especially if you like to feel the cool wind on a summer afternoon or sit under the starry sky at night. Overload your daybed with heaps of soft cushions, throws etc., and make it your own cosy nook. It will add to the cuteness of your home and look super inviting to your visitors.

Now, we ask you why stop at four? A daybed could work wonders in many more ways such as a bench at the entryway of the house, an extra seating spot, in the dressing room or in the walk-in closet etc. The options are literally endless. You could even keep it as a much-needed power napping spot in your home office or study room. Sounds cool, right?