A Dethatching Machine vs Dethatching Blade vs Thatching Rake

There are essentially three different ways to dethatch a lawn. Each one produces different results. This article will compare and contrast each method in order to determine which method works the best.

First a dethatching machine is relatively easy to use. This is may favorite method of thatching. Yes, you will have to rent the machine, but you can normally do this for $30 to $65 dollars. In my opinion it is worth it to rent a machine in order to save your an entire day of back breaking labor. In addition, using a dethatching machine to do lawn thatching is the faster and most effective way to get the job done.

The second way to do thatching is to use a dethatching rake. Using a dethatching rake is my second favorite way to do it. This method works the best for small lawn under 1,000 square feet. It is really hard work to thatch a lawn by hand. Another benefit of hand lawn thatching is that it is a great way to thatch spots. If you only one corner or one shady side of your lawn that gets a lot of thatch, thatching with a thatch rake can save you a lot of time.

The third way to thatch a lawn is to use a lawn mowing thatch blade. This is the worst way to thatch your lawn because it really destroys the lawn. In order to do it this way, you need to cut the lawn so short, that it looks like you scalped it. You need to go over the lawn several time, and the lawn will generally take twice as long to recover. If the ground is hilly or uneven, this method will also give you a lot more problems. For this reason, you are better off using one of the other to methods listed above.

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