The United States Housing Authority

The United States Housing Authority or USHA was founded in the year 1937. Its mission was to lend money to citizens from the lower income group to construct low cost homes. The project initially included around 650,000 people. Ever since then USHA has done considerable work in improving the conditions and standards of living across the country.

With ever-rising incomes and the strategic work undertaken by the United States Housing Authority, the country has seen a sharp decline in the number of people living in slums.

Public Housing Authorities Directors Association

PHADA or the Public Housing Authorities Directors Association was formed in the year 1979 and has more than 1900 professional administrators all across the country whose job is to procure funding for low income housing programs.

The USA Housing Authority has one goal: To provide good housing facilities to all. USHA is doing all it can to make sure it achieves its goal.

Department Of Housing and Urban Development

HUD, an abbreviation for the US Department for Housing and Urban Development has two important goals:

  • To provide homeownership to all residents of America and,
  • To develop Housing Communities.


HUD was created under the Department of Housing and Urban Development act of 1965. It was just a cabinet level agency at that time. HUD today is actively working towards improving the lifestyles and standards of living of all residents in the country, no matter which income-segment they fall in.

Housing Programs under HUD

HUD’s housing programs include:

  • Single family Housing
  • Multi-Family Housing.
  • Housing Communities.


The Council of Large Public Housing Authorities

CLPHA is a national level, non-profit organization that is constantly striving to develop more civic and comfortable housing through public education, research and support.

The Housing Authority in America can be divided into two categories:


The USA Housing Authority has delegated work to both the State level and City level.

Housing Authority of The City of Los Angeles

HACLA or the Housing Authority of The City of Los Angeles, one of the largest in America offers reasonably priced houses in LA for buyers of all segments. The Authority procures the funds from HUD, in order to carry out its activities. Along with HUD, there are a number of other State Level Organisations, City Level Organisations, Community based organisations and non-profit organisations as well as private developers who are into funding HACLA.

The New York City Housing Authority

NYCHA or the New York City Housing Authority also offers inexpensive, safe and respectable housing options for people of middle as well as lower income groups. It is the largest housing Authority in the Northern Region with over 13,000 employees working with it and is single-handedly responsible for constructing more than 178,000 apartments in the city.

Along with the government housing authorities, there are a number of private housing agencies operating in the region. One of them is Housing Works, which is into providing housing facilities to the homeless and people from low-income groups who are living with HIV.

Harris County Housing Authority

The Harris County Authority was created with a mission to provide affordable and comfortable housing communities to lower income groups.

Some of their current housing development programs include:

  • Development of Affordable Housing Communities by making use of low-income tax credit.
  • Managing Single-room occupancy program and low-income occupancy program.


Visit them at

Housing Authority For Americus

The Housing Authority o Americus is dedicated to providing excellent housing facilities to American Families, housing facilities that are safe, good quality and very affordable.

Chicago Housing Authority

Chicago Housing Authority is dedicated to its mission, i.e. to change the face of Chicago Public Housing.

Philadelphia Housing Authority

The Philadelphia Housing Authority is into developing affordable houses for city dwellers with average incomes. It is primarily funded by the Federal Government but also works as a partner with the State and City Housing Authorities as well as a number of private investors.


The Federal Housing Administration, which is a subsidiary of HUD and an agency of Federal Government, is into providing insurance against private loans. It assures lenders against the risk of giving home loans.

The face of the property market in the country has completely changed owing to the development of housing authorities, real estate agents and homebuilding corporations.

An Introduction to USA Home Builders

USA has witnessed the growth of many a homebuilding corporation in the past 50 years. All these corporations, besides striving to provide affordable, energy-efficient homes to both common as well as the upscale homebuyer, are leaving no stone unturned to realize the dreams of their customers.

Growth of Home Building Corporations in America

All these homebuilders are into constructing standard homes, apartments, housing communities and single-family homes keeping in minds the needs and visions of their buyers. The housing market in America is extremely promising today, owing to the steep fall in prices due to the recent global meltdown. New Homebuilders are sprouting all over the place. This can be seen from the simple fact the number of homebuilding corporations in Houston alone has crossed the 1000 mark.

Financial Assistance

Besides homebuilding corporations, a number of financial agencies have come as well, most of which are subsidiaries of homebuilders. These agencies are making the process of procuring home loans as well as the process of buying and selling houses, streamlined and extremely convenient.

Getting a decent home mortgage loan from a decent home mortgage company isn’t difficult at all.


A number of National Level organizations have come up that are actively working to protect the rights of consumers. These are:

National Association of Home Builders

NAHB or the National Association of Home Builders, with its headquarters in Washington, DC represents more than 235,000 in the remodeling industry as well as residential home buildings in USA. Every Year, NAHB recognizes and awards homebuilders for excellent work in their respective areas of expertise. For example, The Pillars Award is awarded to homebuilders for exquisite work in multi-family constructions.

USA today has over 110 million housing units out of which, 76 million are owner occupied while the rest are on rent. The National Housing Association also stays alert on new issues related to long-standing projects.

International Builders’ Show

IBS is a one of a kind association that provides a platform to hundreds of exhibitors from all around the globe to showcase their talents, products and services. Besides this, IBS is also educating homebuilders across America on the latest issues that the industry is facing along with and all current trends in the market.

Homebuilders in America today are constructing well-planned communities all across the nation.

American Homebuilders can be classified into four major categories. These are:

Custom Builders

As the name would’ve already suggested, custom homebuilders are into building homes exactly according to the needs and wants of the customer. These homes are constructed strictly according to individual tastes and as a result are generally expensive.

Semi-Custom Builders

Semi-Customs builder’s work according to a set plan of action while incorporating specific changes and details according to the needs of the individuals who will be staying in them. Needless to say, the homes are constructed with a specific, shape and size in mind, however, its interiors may be changed accordingly.

Production Builders

Production building is carried out buy a number of major as well as regular homebuilders in America. The term is used to indicate high levels of construction where a number of homes are built in a given area with little or no room for the individuals’ say.

Small Volume Builders

Homebuilders that construct less than 25 homes in a year are known as small volume builders.


Here’s a list:

  • Pulte Homes Inc.
  • Dale Alcock
  • Beazer Homes USA Inc.
  • Centex Homes (Currently Stands merged with Pulte Homes Inc.)
  • D.R. Horton Homebuilders Inc.
  • KB Homes
  • Lennar Corporation
  • K. Hovnanian Homes
  • Ryland Group Inc.
  • MDC holdings Inc.
  • NVR Inc.
  • Ryan Homes

Home Plans – Customised To Your Needs

As the name suggests, Custom Home Plans means plans that are going to be designed by your architect keeping in mind your visions and needs. But still, most of such plans are based on some universal ground rules, some universal plans which your architect is going to explain to you beforehand.

Still unable to understand! Its simple! You’ll need to tell your Architect what kind of house you want. For example if you want a ‘sea-side cottage’ kind of design, he will base all his construction work on this particular design and will try to create a unique looking house according to your specifications.

Here is a list of all such plans:

  • Cottage House Plan
  • Southern Home Plans
  • Cape Cod House Plans
  • Transitional House Plans
  • Craftsman House Plans
  • Luxury House Plans
  • Country House Plans
  • European Home Plans
  • Traditional House Plans

All these kind of houses carry a specific structure, structures that can be further improved and designed according to the needs and visions of the customer. Architects today are doing everything they can to keep their clients happy. If you are interested in constructing a duplex, they will offer you with different plans for each floor.

Custom Home Plans – Resources

Needless to say, your architect is going to be your biggest resource in this area. Different Architects specialize in making houses based on different plans. If you are skeptical about hiring an Architect right away, we suggest that you refer to some architectural magazines. A number of such magazines are being circulated all over the country which will provide you with visual information on a number of house plans and the kind of interiors that will suit them the best.

Accessorising Your Home

Your home should speak of you and the people who live in it. A home built from the scratch will provide you with the option of selecting accessories of your own choice.

Home Furnishings

Do you know about CHFA? The Custom Home Furnishings Academy based in North Carolina is into imparting education and training in the area of home furnishing. For your furnishing problems, we suggest that you refer to an expert who has received education from this institute.

Here are some of the companies you can refer to so as to get your home furnished:

Custom Home Online

Custom Home Online has a number of online magazines to it credit. These magazines are dedicated to providing its readers with visual information on custom home designs, interior decoration as well as furnishings.

Here’s Everything About Building Contractors in Oxford

Ample professional knowledge and a contractor licence are the two pre-requisites for becoming a good building contractor oxford. In the oxford, Its necessary for you to get your construction work done from a licensed building contractor otherwise you’ll be asked to get it redone from a licensed one.

Building a house is easy only if the right kind of materials is given into the hands of the right kind of people, people such as painters, carpenters,  Commercial building contractor, cheap electrician Melbourne and commercial plumbers Perth. All of them come together to breath life into your house.

So, what all goes into hiring the right building contractor in the States? Lets take a look:

    • First and foremost, as we’ve already mentioned, make sure that the contractor you’ve chosen has been licensed appropriately.
    • Get his address and visit his office to make sure he is legitimate. We would personally recommend that you avoid doing business with a contractor who does not have a PO Box Number.
    • Ask for some references of clients he has worked with. Refer to them and feel free to pay them a visit in order to assess the calibre of your contractor.
    • Commercial building contractor specialise in a lot of areas such as commercial constructions, industrial constructions as well as residential constructions. The key is to pick the right man for the job.
    • A Building contractor needs to have a clear thought process so as to incorporate your visions into your house.
    • He will need to undertake all construction work according to the norms and guidelines of the housing authority in your area and should procure all necessary permits and paperwork before starting construction.

Architects in USA

America has no dearth of architectural talent. A number of them are dedicated to designing and restructuring residences. The architectural prowess of the country can be seen from the country’s’ historical structures such as:

  • The Austin Hall
  • The Allegheny County Court House
  • The Biltmore House
  • The Isaac Bell House
  • The Yale Hockey Rink

America is a melting pot. People from all over the country come here to start new lives. These people have different tastes and likings. These preferences get projected in the way they get their houses constructed and in the way they decorate their interiors. This is where some architectural expertise is needed.

In the American History of architecture, the current era is called the Postmodern Era or the Neoelectric Era. The American population today has moved away from the conventional and prefers homes that carry a message and a meaning, homes that are  based on real-life themes.


These are limitless! However we’ve brought you a list of some of the most common ones:

Cape Cod Type

The homes constructed under this plan are generally low and broad. They consist of a large central chimney starting from the living room. These kinds of structures are very common in North-Eastern America.

American Colonial Architecture

Colonial Architecture is popularly know as Colonial Gregorian Architecture and was popular in the country during the early medieval periods. The houses made under this architectural style are symmetrical, mostly square in shape. You’ll generally see a central door with symmetrical windows in straight lines.


You will be able to spot Bungalows in the State of California. These are quite common with middle-class income groups and have an area of around 1200 square feet or more.

Traditional Homes

These houses are Contemporary structures but come with modern interiors.


House designing and architecture has come of age in America. Today you can find a number of house-designing software in the market, software that can help you design your own home.

These software’s will help you design a virtual home and will help you in assessing its interiors and exteriors even before you’ve started the construction process. Besides Architects, you can get consultation from a number of interior designers who will be able to guide you with designing the interiors of your house.

A number of Residential Architectural Associations and Firms have gone to the extent of publishing their own magazines. These magazines contain great ideas on designs for you to refer to.

Architectural Schools

NAAB or the National Architectural Accrediting Board Inc. has a number of Architectural Schools and Colleges affiliated to it. These schools are into providing comprehensive and practical education on the fields of both residential as well as commercial architecture. The Colleges and Institutes affiliated to NAAB are offering Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees as well as Candidacy Programs to students from all over the planet.

The National Architectural Accrediting Board Inc. is the only university in USA that is providing professional programs in Architecture. Besides this, ASCA or the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture was established in the yea 1912 with an aim to improve the quality of Education in Architecture in USA.

The American Institute of Architects has about 80,000 licensed architects to its credit.


A number of exhibitions and trade shows keep happening all the time, all across the country. These exhibitions and trade shows not only provide a platform for architects and designers to show case their talents and expertise in the field of architecture but also provide customers with an open market to choose the kind of things they would want in their houses and an opportunity to meet the best talent in the country at one place.

Some popular Architectural Shows in the country are:

Baltimore Home Building And Remodeling Show

The show organized by the L&L Exhibition Management, focuses on providing customers with an outlook on the things they’ll need to build and remodel their homes.

Colorado Springs Home and Landscapes Show

This beautiful show, held in the month of February includes participants from the field of Architecture, villa renovations Auckland, Gardening as well as Building and Construction.

Columbus Home Improvement Show

This show is also organized in February and is dedicated to exhibiting products and designs specifically for the purpose of home improvement.

America is a rich economy, the richest in the world. Besides comfort and convenience, people in the country pay a lot of attention to looks. This is what has led to a boom in the Interior Designing and the Architectural Industry.

Building a Home in the US

Planning to build a house in the United States of America? Besides the usual grind of locating the land and building your dream structure on it, you’ll need to adhere to certain housing and construction guidelines.

Here’s how you can go about building your dream home in America:


This phase of building your house can be divided into two categories:

Initial Preparation

This phase will involve purchasing of land and getting it registered. Before you make a land Deal, you’ll need to keep the following things in mind.

  • The House plot should not be disputed, i.e. in any kind of acquisition proceedings.
  • Refer to the planning authority and make sure that the land is clear for residential constructions.
  • Get a certificate from the registrars’ office saying that the land is free of any encumbrance.
  • Verify the rates thoroughly. Refer to market guidelines and feel free to contact some property consultants if you have to.

Important Considerations

  • Make sure you have a plot of the right size as the housing construction norms wont allow you to construct on the whole plot.
  • It should be conveniently located, not too far away from the nearest Bus Station, Railway Station, Airport, Hospital and of course, your work place.
  • It should be located in an area that receives continuous water supply.

Purchasing and Land Registration process generally takes a whole month.

Consulting the Experts

Experts like engineers and Architects will not only help you in planning and designing from modern homes designs to the last detail but will also be able to help you do it in a cost effective manner. Before you give out your construction contract to someone, take in to consideration, the following factors:

Before awarding House Construction Contract to someone, make sure:

  • Of the kind of materials they use, and if their quality is according to industry standards.
  • Of the quality of work they are going to provide. Refer to some of their past projects.
  • If they require any kind of Advance payment.
  • Of their time schedule and how they are going to progress.

Besides all this, you need to know the total cost of construction beforehand and the construction company needs to abide by it. For this purpose ask them for,

An approximate cost of construction per square feet.

The ratio of cost of materials, labour and other expenditures.

A break up of all the expenditure that will be involved in undertaking specific work. Approximate figures will do.

A break up of expenditure (stage-wise) to enable you to plan things accordingly.

Make sure of the kind of EMI’s you’ll need to pay in case you plan to take a housing loan.